TROVE! – Thanks DismantleTime !!!

So, I hopped on twitch one day and saw someone I follow, (DismantleTime) was playing a game I’d not seen before.  Of course I had to tune in and see what this game is about!

Turns out Trove is a mixture of Minecraft, an RPG, and an MMO.  It’s got the classic elements you would expect, mining, crafting, and of course combat!  The combat system is much more evolved than Minecraft.  Trove has classes which have unique play styles and attacks.  (Ranged, Melee, and Magic) As you acquire equipment you are able to modify your characters abilities and kick more butt!

That’s the Quick Synopsis of Trove, now for my experience.  I was kindly offered by DismantleTime to create an account and join him (It is Free-To-Play!!!) so I did, and I was not disappointed!  In Trove you can become a member of Clubs.  each club has it’s own “world” where you can kick back with other club members.  The neat thing is, you can be a member of More than 1 club at a time!  So it’s great to mingle with other players all the time and being in a club has some great benefits (trading posts, club chests, workbenches, forges, etc.)

So I would definitely give Trove 2 thumbs up, it’s a lot of fun, and when you get tired of building and mining, you can go kick some butt in shadow towers or uber worlds, when you are bored or have slain all your enemies, you can go back to building and mining!!!  Huge replay value, and the game caters to social engagement with clubs, Twitch interaction and a central “hub” world.

As a secondary note, if you haven’t checked out DismantleTime’s stream, give it a follow, he’s got some great stuff!

If you think you’ll have fun in Trove, Sign up with the link below from DismantleTime and you will automatically connected with him!
Trove – Create Account w/ Voucher

Also! If you would like to join me in game, find the club “Danoweb Gaming” or the player “Danoweb” and give me a shout!!!



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