Data Driven Styling, a Project concept

Everyone is familiar with the benefits of dynamic database driven content on a website.  Users can enter data and this data can involve other users and the chain goes on and on.  What I have yet to see done well is dynamic database driven styling.  I can envision visitors creating their own look and feel for a site (drastically, not just changing a few colors) and creating that ultimate personal visitor experience.

With the general rule being a 3-second impression per page I can understand why developers haven’t really looked into this very much.  That’s why I’m making it my first public project.  I am planning to develop a dynamic stylesheet technology which will allow a visitor to create a customized personal experience for any website which uses this technology.

I know that there are some sites which will not find this technology too useful but I believe sites with strong community bases could have a very high success rate for the technology.


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